I have successfully completed the crowdfunding campaign on Tumblbug!

The funding campaign for Flawless Darkness on Tumblbug has been successfully concluded. I sincerely thank all of you who supported me. I also express my gratitude to everyone else who showed interest in the game and provided assistance. This is just the beginning of the game, so I ask for your continued interest and anticipation!
I also had interviews with GameMeca. If you're interested in the details about Flawless Darkness, it's worth reading.

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Flawless Darkness

플로리스 다크니스

Flawless Darkness is designed so that blind and non-blind people can have the same play experience. That's why you play the game only with sound, with no graphics at all. Players will have a special experience just escaping the maze in darkness.


I'm recruiting team members to create the project together.

If you're interested in joining Oldice to create games together, please contact me!

Currently, since there is no revenue, I cannot promise any money, but if revenue is generated, I assure you that fair payment will be made promptly. For more details, please contact me via email.