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Flawless Darkness is designed so that blind and non-blind people can have the same play experience. That's why you play the game only with sound, with no graphics at all. Players will have a special experience just escaping the maze in darkness.


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I recommend that you play with a headset on.
Non-blind people can be more immersed in the game when playing blindfolded.

"You are trapped in a completely dark maze. You must use the given tools to avoid threats like monsters and traps, and escape from the maze."

The basic way to play is to find your way through an invisible maze by using an item called radar to detect what's ahead. In the process of finding your way, the player will encounter various threats. If you deal with it in the right way and escape from the maze, you will clear it.

How to control

[W], [A], [S], [D] or [arrow keys (↑, ↓, ←, →)] to ‘move’.
press [Space bar] ‘shortly’ use the 'radar'
press [space bar] ‘long’, will drop the ‘signal generator’ at the current location.
press [Shift key] ‘shortly’, swing the ‘sword’.
press [Shift key] ‘long’, raise the ‘shield’.

How to move details

Press [W] or [Up arrow key (↑)] to move forward one square.
Press [S] or [Down Arrow (↓)] to move back one square.
Press [A] or [Left arrow key (←)] to rotate 90° counterclockwise.
Press [D] or [Right arrow key (→)] to rotate 90° clockwise.

Tools available to players

As the game progresses, the available tools increase.

1. Radar -  A key item in the game. Used to detect what is in front of the player. It makes noise as it advances one square until it reaches an immovable place, such as a wall. For example, the first sound tells you what's one square ahead, the second sound tells you what's two squares ahead. The sound depends on what's in that cell.

2. Signal Generator -   An item that can be placed on the floor of the current space. It continuously makes a sound until it is picked up again, and can be used for purposes such as distinguishing the path passed by.

3. Sword -  A swing of the sword can defeat a monster or destroy an obstacle one square ahead of the character's view.

4. Shield -  You can block arrows by holding up a shield. You can block arrows from any direction they come from.

Threats to the player

As the game progresses, the threats to the player increase.

1. Obstacle -  Obstacles impede the player's movement.

2. Blocking barrier -  A trap that automatically closes when the player passes a certain square.

3. Cliff -  Some mazes have cliffs instead of walls that hinder player movement. If you move to the cliff incorrectly, you will fall immediately and the game will be over.

4. Arrow trap -  It works when you step on a specific square. When activated, arrows fly from the ejection port connected in a straight line to the square you stepped on and attack the player.

5. Poison gas trap -  It works when you step on a specific square. When it works, poison gas will start coming out from somewhere in the maze. If you don't close the valve to find where the gas comes out in time, it's game over.

6. Normal monster -  Normal monsters don't move. However, if the player moves to a square with a monster, then the monster attacks the player and the game is over.

7. Hungry monster -  Hungry monsters roam in search of food. But my senses are dull and I can't find my way, so I repeat the same route.

8. Sound sensitive monster -  When a sound sensitive monster hears a sound, it travels to the source of the sound. If a player makes a noise, they will follow you to that location, so be careful.

· For the sake of non-visually impaired individuals, I haven't included visual elements like GUI since the experience of gameplay changes the moment such elements are introduced.
· Not all visually impaired individuals are completely unable to see. With assistance, some can also engage in regular games. However, due to the rarity of games playable by the totally blind, I've created games that they can play.
· Even for individuals without complete blindness, the limited visibility ahead in this game is not a disadvantage. Therefore, unlike other games, I believe they can enjoy and play comfortably.


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